Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Short Deadlines for Contests

Today's post is courtesy of Donna Caubarreaux's Writing Tips emails. Donna is a true writer's writer and sends all kinds of amazing goodies to my inbox that no writer should be without.

This particular post is a compilation of rapid-approaching romance writing contest deadlines. Check 'em out if you've got something in a box you've not sent out in some time....

Labor of Love (U - P/5)
Heart of Louisiana Chapter
Postmarked by May 29, 2007
Synopsis, prologue, first chapter not to exceed 50 pages total.
First Prize is a complete read by Kristin Nelson, Agent (If you checked out Brenda Novak's Auction for Juvenile Diabetes, Ms. Nelson's Proposal Read is now at $600., and the first prize in this contest is a 'complete read'...)
Knock Our Socks Off (U - P/5 - EO)
Black Diamond RWA Chapter
Received by May 31, 2007
First five paragraphs not to exceed 150 words.
Opal's Erotic Romance Contest (U - P)
Opal Carew, Author (Contest is Free!)
Received by May 31, 2007
Beginning of your erotic romance book up to a maximum of 5000 words
The Maggies - Unpublished (U)
Georgia Romance Writers
Received by June 1, 2007
Synopsis + first chapter not to exceed 35 pgs total.
American Title (U)
Dorchester Publishing
Received by June 1, 2007
First three chapter of finished Paranormal + 2-7 pg synopsis.
Reveal Your Inner Vixen
Maryland Romance Writers
Postmark/E-Deadline by June 1, 2007
One scene that showcases the sexual tension between the hero and heroine, not to exceed twenty (20) pages.
Colorado Gold (U)
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
Postmarked by June 1, 2007
First twenty pages + synopsis up to eight pages.
Lone Star (U - PC/5)
Northwest Houston Chapter of RWA
Postmarked by June 4, 2007
First chapter up to 25 pages.
Happily Ever After (U - P/3 - E)
Mid-Michigan RWA
Received by June 6, 2007
Enter last chapter-epilogue up to 27 pages plus 1-3 pg synopsis.

Happy Contesting & winning, of course!