Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More on plot

Just checked an email account I've not visited in some time to find a really wonderful note from a fellow writer whose work has impacted the way I think about plot...always nice to get those notes!

In August of last year, I reviewed Martha Alderson's Blockbuster Plots, Pure and Simple, for the writer2writer.com ezine. (see the review here)I'm not so great at plot so I figured it couldn't hurt...what it did was expand my view of plot development and help me, the visual learner, internalize plot as something dynamic, not static.

Martha sent me a nice note thanking me for the review and reminding me of the other array of plot-related information on her site. Since it's been a while since I visited, I checked it out this evening and got lost in all the good stuff! She's got a blog on plot stuff, all kinds of articles, a newsletter to sign up for and additional resources to enhance your understanding of the book. I don't need any incentive whatsoever to send writers there--I have no doubt you'll find something you can put to immediate use there. What I'm most excited about is that Martha will be visiting my RWA group's conference this fall and presenting on plot...yay! Better study up :)

If you want plot help, you're bound to find something great...

Blockbuster Plots review

Blockbuster Plots blog

Blockbuster Plots articles

Blockbuster Plots website

Visit, read and just try to not learn something new. I dare you. (Impossible challenge!)

Happy, happy plotting....