Sunday, May 13, 2007

Characters. Again.

Yeah, again.

So I've decided to work with this lovely young lady character who's been haunting me for at least a year, on and off (mostly on when I decide to write fiction and off when I don't). I keep thinking I know her, only because I know the portion of her that will show up in my story (because it's scarily similar to myself in that respect), but this weekend I've been realizing new things about her: she just earned a degree (Masters? Ph.D?) in Russian (or some Eastern European language), she's had a rough go of it with her dad (along with her siblings) and has this immense crush on a real bad boy who's gonna, of course, be the hero.

Problem is, I know the story structure, just not how to get deep into her depths. In my search to solve my own character problems, I'll share with you a few links that have me thinking...

Four Methods for Interviewing Your Characters by Laurie Schnebly-Campbell (I can't believe I didn't have this one posted already--Laurie's stuff is priceless)

Seven Common Character Types
by Terry Ervin II

Create A Character: Bringing Personality to Your Characters by Leslie Oliver

Happy character creating,